Employees of accredited organizations and their family members

You are working for an organization accredited by the Consulate and you wish to go to France for a business trip. Moreover, your spouse and your children might accompany you during this trip. (N.B. If you are applying for a Long stay family reunion under OFII, please use the dedicated category below.)

Please check if your organization has been accredited by the Embassy or Consulate General of France where your organization is located.

Please contact the center in case that you need the document list of visa application.

If your organization has been accredited but the account for visa application hasn’t been created, please email to

Beijing consular zone: comp.bjs2fr@tlscontact.com

Shanghai consular zone: comp.sha2fr@tlscontact.com

Guangzhou consular zone: comp.can2fr@tlscontact.com

Chengdu consular zone: comp.cng2fr@tlscontact.com

Wuhan consular zone: comp.wuh2fr@tlscontact.com

Shenyang consular zone: comp.she2fr@tlscontact.com


indicating the full name of your organization and contact information. TLScontact Visa Application Center will create a dedicated account for your organization.