France includes several territories that are outside the European continent, with varying legal statuses and levels of autonomy.

  • DROM, French overseas “Départements” and “Régions” are: Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Mayotte**, and Réunion.
  • CTOM, French overseas territories are: French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, New Caledonia and its dependencies, Saint Martin*, Saint Barthélémy* and Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.

If you are going to a DROM or CTOM the visa fee may be different, please see the visa fees section. 

The requirements for a short stay in a DROM and CTOM are the same as for a Schengen visa. You may not apply more than 90 days prior to your departure.

The Schengen visa does not grant entry to a DROM or a CTOM, unless mentioned otherwise on the visa sticker. If you are planning to go to a DROM or a CTOM, you must clearly state it at the time you apply.

Requirements for a long stay in the DROM or CTOM are the same as for a long stay visitor visa. Please note that the processing time can take up to 6 months for CTOM.

*Please note that Saint Martin, Saint Barthélémy are under the DROM visa regime, and the visa fee for those destinations is the equivalent of 60 Euros.

**Since March 31st,2011, Mayotte has changed its status from CTOM to DROM. However, Mayotte is still under the visa regime of a CTOM.

Cases of visa waiving to DROM and/or CTOM

(Does not apply to French Southern and Antarctic Lands)

1. Holders of a multi-entries visa issued by a French consular authority valid for 6 months to 5 years are waived of a short stay DROM-CTOM visa, only if they are nationals of the following countries: South Africa, Bahrain, Belarus, China, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, India, Oman, Qatar, Russia and Ukraine(applicable to DROM.CTOM);

2. Bearers of an official passport (diplomatic, service and/or special) for the following countries are exempt from requiring a DROM/CTOM visa: Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Namibia, Thailand ;

3. Bearers of a biometric passport from the following countries are exempt from requiring a DROM/CTOM visa: Macedonia, Montenegro Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia (excluding bearers of Serbian passports delivered to “Kosovarians”)

4. Bearers of a long stay visa from a Schengen country are exempt from requiring a DROM/CTOM visa;

5. Citizens of Taiwan and Northern Mariana are exempt from requiring a DROM/CTOM visa;

6. Holders of a valid Residence card (carte de sejour) or long stay visa delivered by France (national territory, DROM, Saint Pierre or Miquelon) are exempt from requiring a short stay DROM/CTOM visa

7. In case of paid activity, removal of the double procedure of working authorization and short stay visa for citizens of the following countries Australia, Brazil (while maintaining the short stay for Guyana), South Korea, USA, Japan, Mexico, Singapore and Venezuela The visa exemption applies if both conditions are met simultaneously.

- A work authorization is requested by the regulation to carry out this activity.
- The foreigner is able to show this authorization at the frontier.