Can someone else apply for a visa on my behalf?

Personal appearance is mandatory for all visa applicants, unless you are exempted from biometric data capturing.

Personal appearance exemption conditions:

  • Children up to 12 years of age. Finger scans are not required.
  • Applicants applying for a Schengen visa and who have had a previous Schengen visa delivered within the past 59 months and with the remarks ”VIS” on the visa sticker.

Notice: If applicant’s latest Schengen visa mentions ‘’VIS 0”, applicant is still required to provide their biometric data, as “VIS 0” visa means only alphanumeric data and a photograph are provided, but no fingerprint.

This rule does not apply to long stay visa applicants and applicants visiting the DROM-CTOM. Applicants have to go through the biometric data capture step for any new long stay visa and any new visa to visit the DROM-CTOM, even if they already submitted their fingerprints for a previous visa application. Therefore the applicant has to appear in person.

If you are exempted from biometric data capture, a representative can apply on your behalf. The representative has to provide a signed letter of authorization (Please click here to download) with complete and correct information as well as the original and copy of his /her ID card. The representative cannot be a minor.