1. Biometric enrolment

From October 12th 2015, applicants above 12 years old must come to the Visa Application Center or at the Consulate if applicable, in order to capture their biometric data (fingerprints and digital photography). For more information, please click on FAQ section.

2. Dedicated passage to Visa Center (through building entrance on Hengfeng Avenue)

  • For security reasons and better management of applicant flow, applicants can enter the visa center only up to 30 minutes before their appointment time. Please take the dedicated elevator for 8F. During non-rush hours, access may be allowed up to one hour before scheduled appointments. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Please show appointment booking sheet, passport and application files at the entrance of dedicated passage for visa center.
  • All visitors must go through security check. Unauthorized representative or intermediary is not permitted to enter visa center.


Address: No. 301 Hengfeng Avenue (at the conjunction of Long Yu International business plaza and Sun City, 10 meters to the entrance of Longyu plaza

  • Groups of individual applicants and ADS group members (for biometrics purpose) are advised to meet their group leaders or other members at the dedicated Meeting point. The whole groups can access the center upon their appointment time when the whole group is gathered.
  • Applicants arriving too early are also recommended to wait at this meeting point or in neighboring shopping malls.

4. Passport return

Please prepare in advance all the required documents for picking up passports listed on application checklist (obtained upon submission of visa application). Passport is an important personal identity document. In case of absence or incomplete documents, Visa center is not permitted to deliver passports.

5. Preparation of visa application

  • Please make sure that the visa type and country you have chosen correspond to your main destination and main travel purpose, you have well prepared all the required documents according to the document list of the correct visa type you are applying for.
    For more general information, click on “FAQ” section.

  • Please attend your appointment on time. Late comers will not be received and need to take a new appointment.

  • Be aware that any incorrect information provided (wrong name, wrong passport number or expired passport number etc.) to get an appointment would automatically lead to the cancellation of the appointment.