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Application information

Links & Downloads

You can download the visa application forms below accordingly to your applicable visa type. To open these documents, you will need Adobe Reader.


  • The form must be filled out in English or in French. The Schengen application form has to be signed by the applicant. The signature of a representative is invalid.
  • The signature on the form should be similar to the one on the applicant’s passport and letter of representation.
  • Minor applicant under the age of 18: The application form must be signed by one parent or a legal guardian. Please DO NOT sign the name of underage applicant. Please indicate “father”/”mother”/”guardian” beside signature. Whenever possible, we suggest that both parents sign on the form.
  • Forms

    Since November 18th 2021, any visa application for France must be made via the France-Visas website. Once you have completed your application form on the France-Visas site, you will be redirected to the TLScontact website to make your appointment.

    Applicants are requested to select the supplementary questionnaire required for different visa types according to the requirements of the actual visa type document list.

  • Short stay visa questionnaire for ascendant of a French citizen or a French citizen’s spouse (French and Chinese)
  • Long stay visa application complementary form (French and Chinese)
  • Short stay Schengen visa application complementary questionnaire - Required only for applicants who apply for DROM-CTOM (English and Chinese)

    If you choose to apply your visa application on behalf of someone else or entrust someone to take your passport, please provide the letter of attorney. Each applicant must separately issue their own original letter of attorney and cannot share it. If your visa application and passport collection will be completed by your agent, you will need to sign two letters of attorney and the copy will be invalid.

  • Letter of authorization for visa application
  • Letter of authorization for passport return

    Model of documents

  • Long stay visa application form (French and Chinese)
  • Long stay visa application form (English)
  • Convention d’acceuil (French)
  • Internship Convention (French)
  • Medical observation internship agreement (French)
  • Associated Medical Internship (French)
  • Attestation d’accueil (French)
  • Attestation d’accueil (French) - is only available for student cultural exchange groups.
  • CERFA 13653 01 (French)
  • CERFA 15188 01 (French)
  • CERFA 15619*01 form
  • CERFA 15614*04 form
  • CERFA 15615*01 form
  • Statement for non-engagement in work in France (French Polynesia) (French) - Applicable for family members of French citizen who apply for long stay visa in destination of French Polynesia.
  • Commitment of social obligation (English)
  • Commitment of social obligation (French)
  • Public Wechat


  • France-Visas public website
  • CampusFrance
  • French Embassy in China