TLScontact designed a variety of services to enhance your visa application experience.
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Added Value Services

Designed to enhance your visa application experience

The use of these optional services does not entitle you to obtain a visa, nor to book a closer appointment or to fasten the processing of your file by the Embassy or the Consulate of France.

Recommended services for you

Express Courier Return
Express Courier Return
FROM RMB 60.00

Avoid unnecessary travel, save time, and avoid the crowds by having your passport returned to you by courier.

Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance
On demand

Haven’t thought about your travel insurance yet?

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Passport Photos
Passport Photos
RMB 35.00

If you need ID photos, don’t worry – you can use the photo booth at our centre to get new ICAO compliant photographs when you come for your appointment.

Other available services

Passport Photos

France-Visas Form Filling Assistance

Need help completing your on-line visa application form? Our staff can guide you and fill the form in with you.

RMB 114.00


Photocopies missing from your application? You can make them at our centre.

RMB 1.00 / page

* Service payments are charged in the equal amount in RMB set by the Embassy of France.

** Prices are charged per application unless it's specifically clarified.