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Application information

Application Procedure

Please follow these steps in order to apply for a Schengen visa.

France must be your main travel destination.

How to create
your TLScontact account

Read the different steps below
to correctly submit your visa application at the TLScontact Visa Application Centre.

Here are the mandatory steps to apply for a Schengen visa Making an appointment is a personal process that must be carried out directly by visa applicants. Appointments are obtained FREE on the TLS-Contact website at no additional cost (please note that the fees you will pay online are TLScontact service fees only). Selling appointments is a fraudulent practice that TLS-Contact strongly condemns. Remuneration of intermediaries in no way guarantees obtaining an appointment at an early date, nor obtaining a visa and exposes applicants to a risk of legal accountability.

Please note: making an appointment and compiling the visa application file are the responsibility of visa applicants, who must imperatively provide the required information on their personal situation in accordance with the information available on the France Visas website. We would like to inform you that from June 1, 2022, the TLS contact will not accept any file containing contact details that are not those of the applicant on the France Visas form (email address and phone number). The data entered in the France Visas form and on the TLS website must match the passport data. Otherwise (if the surname, first name, date of birth or passport number is different), they will not be able to apply.


Step 1: Complete The France-Visas Form

Create an account on the France-Visas website by entering your personal email address and a password.

Please note that the France-Visas form should be completed and printed prior to booking an appointment. As soon as your form is validated your application form will be sent to your email address. The form must be signed by the applicant in person.


Step 2: Check Your Document List

Read the list of documents on the France-Visas website which need to be submitted with your visa application based on your travel purpose and prepare the documents carefully. Please always choose the correct travel purpose.


Step 3: Create Your TLScontact Account

Please create your personal user account, and activate your account by clicking the provided link in the email sent to you.


Step 4: Input Your Data

Log in to your account, fill in the requested personal data. If you are a member of a group of people applying for a visa together, please fill in the data of those accompanying you too. Submit the group when you finish.


Step 5: Make An Appointment

Choose a date and time of your convenience to submit your application at our Visa Application Centre. Do not forget to print out your notification as it will be required at our welcome area.

  • The service fee payment will be "online" or by "Fawry stores" during the appointment booking process.
  • The visa fee has to be paid in EGP in cash at TLScontact centre.


Step 6: Application Submission

Warning: If you are late for your appointment more than 29 minutes, you might not be received the same day and you will have to set a new appointment.

  • An extensive range of Added Value Services is available to facilitate your application submission process;
  • Your application and supporting documents will be checked for completeness according to the requirements of the Consular Authority and your biometric data will be captured;
  • The visa and service fees are paid in the Visa Application Centre. Following completion of these steps, your application is transferred to the Consular Authority for decision making.

Biometric exemptions:

  • Children under 12 years old;
  • Applicants who have already obtained a Visa with the mention (VIS) during the last 59 months.

Important: If “VIS 0” is written on the last Schengen visa sticker, this means that only your alphanumeric data and photograph have been collected, but not your fingerprints. You are therefore required to appear in person to submit your biometric data.

You can track your application at any time by logging in your personal account.

Please note that:

  • Children under 12 years old are not allowed to enter the center.
  • Renewing the validity of the passport inside the same passport is not acceptable so please issue a new passport before register and book an appointment.

If you have the "Egyptian Pool For Travel Insurance" sticker on your passport, please print it from here before your appointment date.


Step 7: Visa Processing 

Your application will be considered by the Consular Authority. TLScontact does not make any decision related to your visa application.

The Consular Authority may ask for more information or additional document. If this happens, you will be contacted by email or phone with detailed instructions.

Important notice: You can track your application anytime by visiting your personal account on our website.


Step 8: Passport collection

After the Consular Authority has made a decision on your visa application, your passport will be returned to the Visa Application Centre. You will be notified by SMS as soon as the passport arrives.

Collection in person
Please provide following:

  • Your Original Application Checklist
  • Your Original Photographic ID
  • Copy of Your Photographic ID

Collection by representative
Please provide following:

  • Your Original Application Checklist
  • Copy of Your Photographic ID
  • Representative’s Original Photographic ID
  • Copy of Representative’s Photographic ID
  • Letter of authorization signed by you (clearly stating the representative’s details) as following:
    - If the representative is a first-degree relative (Spouse-Parent-Brother-Sister), he/she has to submit a written authorization from the applicant with the same signature on the application checklist with a proof of relationship (e.g. Birth certificate, marriage contract... etc.)
    - If the representative is NOT a first-degree relative, he/she must submit the stamped "Letter of authorization" form which was delivered to the applicant in the day of the appointment and includes the representative’s details.


  • If the representative will submit the documents at the center instead of the applicant, the applicant must download and fill out two forms of “Letter of authorization” and sign them before the appointment to hand them over to the representative, who must submit the originals at the center on the day of the appointment.
  • In case the representative has been changed, the applicant must come in person at our center with two new forms of “Letter of authorization” filled and signed incudes the new representative data.

- If you have chosen Express Courier Return Service, your passport will be sent to the address chosen during the submission.