Any visa application for France must be made via the France-Visas website.

Once you have completed your application form on the France-Visas site, you will be redirected to the TLScontact website to make your appointment

At the day of your appointment, the France-Visas application form and document receipt must be provided.

Start your visa application on the France-Visas website.

Appointments for the reception of visa applications are free of charge - be aware of fraudulent agencies/ websites promising earlier appointments for a fee.

Application Process

Step 1 - Registration on France-Visas website and application preparation

  • Create an account on the France-Visas website by entering your personal email address and a password.
  • Choose the type of visa and fill out the France-Visas online form to obtain the personalized list of documents required for each situation.
  • View the list of documents.
  • Print the France-Visas form and receipt. You will be asked for these documents when you submit your visa application at the TLScontact center

Comment s’enregistrer sur le site de TLScontact?

Step 2 - Create a TLScontact account and make an appointment at the visa center 

  • Create a TLScontact account by entering your personal email address and a password 
  • Enter the additional information necessary to personalize your application and ensure that is processed according to your specific circumstances. If you want a group appointment with other people indicate their names. 
  • Choose a day and time to submit your visa application at the TLScontact center. 

Do not forget to print your appointment confirmation, you will need to show it when you arrive at the reception. 

Step 3 - Application preparation

  • Follow the instructions on the France-Visas website, carefully prepare all the requested documents and put them in the order indicated.
  • Do not forget to print your France Visas form and receipt. The form must be signed by the applicant in person.

Step 4 - Prepare your application

  • Follow the instructions on your appointment confirmation with TLScontact.
  • Please ensure your documents are in order according to the list of requirements.
  • Do not forget to print out your Shengen application form. If needed, fill out the missing data in capitals and black ink.

Step 5 - At your appointment

Personal appearance is mandatory, except :

  • for children below 12 years;
  • if you have a biometric Shengen visa with the mention of VIS issued within 59 months.

For more information on VIS, click here.
If you will be represented by an agency, the agent will complete the necessary steps for you, and schedule an appointment for the submission of your biometrics if needed.

For more information on how an accredited agency can assist you, click here.

Step 6 - Submit your application

Upon arrival at the Visa Application Center, if you wish to use our Premium Service, please mention it to the security guards who will guide you to our Premium Lounge.
For the regular process, the steps will be as follows:

1. Your bags will be screened by a bag scanner and our security guards will verify that you are not carrying any unauthorized items. They will also ask you to switch off your phone as the Visa Application Center has a strict no phone policy.

2. At the Welcome area, our Customer Service Representatives will check the admissibility of your application and that both your passport and id picture are compliant.

3. You will proceed to the waiting room where you will wait for your name and reference number to appear on the screens.

4. Once at the assigned counter, the TLScontact Customer Service Representative will thoroughly check all your documents (please  sort them in the same order as the checklist).
During this verification, if your application is not complete (documents missing or not complying with the requirements of the Consulate General of France in London), you will have the following options:

a/ complete your application by bringing the missing documents before 2.30PM on the same day (only applies for some types of documents and only applicants who have an appointment before 12am)

b/ Confirmed you nonetheless wish your application to be transferred  (please note that TLScontact plays not part in the decision process. Checklists are set by the French Consulate General in London, and we only make sure that your documents are present/compliant)

c/ withdraw your application. You will have to wait 24 hours before you can register again with your email address to submit a new application.

d/ upgrade to the Premium Service, where you will be allowed to complete your application with full internet access, free photocopying and printing services, and lounge reception.

5. Once your application has been checked, you will be invited to proceed to the payment of the requested fees at the till.

6. Our Customer Service Representatives will then collect your biometric data, which is the last step in the application process. Please note that some applicants are exempt from this step –read the exception rules here.

7. You can leave the Visa Application Centre.
Please note that should you have any comments or suggestion regarding the services provided by TLScontact you may ask for a feedback form at any time during the process.

Step 7 - Passport Return

Once your visa application has been processed by the Consulate General of France in London, you will be notified of your passport return in TLScontact center:

  • online on your TLScontact account that you have created;
  • via SMS;
  • via email.

If you have chosen to receive your application via courier, your documents will be dispatched on the same day of their arrival at the TLScontact center of London.

You will be informed as soon as the Consulate General of France in London will return your application. There is no need to contact us on this matter.

Once informed of your passport return at the TLScontact center, you will be invited to collect it without appointment. You will need :

  • your application checklist;
  • a valid ID ;
  • the birth certificate of your child/children if you wish to retrieve his/her/their passport(s).

Do not forget that if you fail to produce the original of your application checklist and a valid ID, you won’t be able to retrieve your passport.

If you wish to designate a third party to pick up your passport, your representative should bring :

  • your application checklist;
  • a photocopy of your valid ID;
  • original and photocopy of his/her own passport, driving license or other valid ID;
  • a written authorization letter signed by you.