Since 1st of December 2018, any visa application for France must be made via the France-Visas website. Once you have completed your application form on the France-Visas site, you will be redirected to the TLScontact website to make your appointment

At the day of your appointment, the France-Visas application form and document receipt must be provided.

Start your visa application on the France-Visas website.


Non-biometric passports -  Democratic Republic of Congo


Visa for study Long stay (more than 90 days) 

Document description Conditions based on applicants data  Type of document
ID photo meeting the ICAO standards :
  • Glued to the application form,
  • In color,
  • Size 3.5cm x 4.5cm,
  • White plain background,
  • Less than 3 months old.
Two long stay visa application forms duly completed and signed by the applicant. Download   Original
OFII form. Download   Original

A signed national passport or official travel document issued less than 10 years ago, valid for at least 3 months beyond the validity of the requested visa ;
The passport must contain two blank ‘visa’ pages ;
The passport must be undamaged ;
Copies of your previous visas are required ;

  Original & Copy
Previous passports. If you are in possession of one or more previous passports, those must be presented along with copies of your previous visas.  

Original & Copy

British Residence permit. Your British residence permit (stamped in passport or in the form of an ID card)   Original & Copy
Registration or pre-registration in a French university or school related to your academic background. Recent, official and signed letter stating your name/type of studies/length of studies/part of a European program (Erasmus) if applicable/number of hours per week   Original & Copy
Diplomas, Certificates
Proof of your academic status/level if relevant
  Original & Copy
Proof of activity in the UK.
  • Studies: recent, official and signed letter stating your name /type of studies/length of studies/number of hours per week.
  • Employment: recent, official and signed letter from your employer stating terms of contract + last three month payslips
Cover letter explaining study project in France   Original
Proof of accommodation for the first 3 months.
  • Hotel booking + proof of resources to cover the costs
  • Rental agreement signed by both parties
  • University/School accommodation: letter from the University/School stating details of accommodation
  • If private accommodation: letter of invitation from your host in France + proof of his/her ID.+ proof his/her French residence permit if applicable + proof of address such as a recent bill
  Original & Copy
Proof of financial means of support .
  • Your most recent bank statements showing your name, details, sufficient funds to support yourself in France (school fees/accommodation/food etc)
  • Proof of scholarship if applicable
  • Private sponsor : letter from your sponsor stating financial sponsorship and relationship to the visa applicant +  his/her proof of ID + his/her French residence permit if applicable + his/her recent bank statement showing sufficient funds + his/her last three month payslips + contract of employment  + latest French Income tax
  Original & copy
Medical insurance covering your full stay in France (no travel insurance, no EHIC), if you are over 28   Original & Copy