Welcome to the French Visa Application Centre in Manchester

All information related to your visa application are now available on the new website France-Visas. Once you have collected all useful information related to your application on France-Visas website, you will be redirected to TLScontact website in order to fill your application and book an appointment for the submission in TLScontact Visa Application Centre.

You are a resident in the United Kingdom, and you need a visa to travel to France and within the Schengen area for touristic, private, professional or study purpose. You can also obtain a visa to Central African Republic or to Djibouti.

Since the 18th of November 2015, TLScontact has been dealing with visas applications from all over the United Kingdom, following a procedure established in conjunction with the Consulate General of France in London in order to provide the best visa application service. Our aim is to help you prepare your visa application and assist the Consulate in processing applications in a timely manner.

Reminder: you may only submit your visa application 90 days before your date of departure. We recommend that you apply at least 20 calendar days before your departure date at our center because the visa process can take minimum 15 days.

NEWS : Booking an appointment via TLScontact is free of charge.

If you wish, some agencies, accredited by the French General Consulate in London, can assist you in the visa process but beware of fraudulent agents that only charge you for booking an appointment – see FAQs for more details.

If you need a travel insurance to cover your trip to France, TLScontact has the pleasure to propose you the suitable insurance by clicking here.

Please be informed that corrections on any type of application form are not accepted. All information on the application form must be correct the day of the appointment.