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Centre Information

Access to our centre

Please read the information below carefully to find more about conditions of access to the Visa Application Centre.

Conditions of access to the Visa Application Centre

Starting from October 14, 2019 following a decision from the French embassy in Indonesia, visa applicants are the only individuals to be allowed entry to the visa application center located on the third floor of Anugrah tower.

However, the following categories of people will still be allowed entry into the third floor Visa Application Centre in order to accompany visa applicants:

  • French nationals accompanying his/her spouse (presenting a valid acte de mariage) during his/her visa application submission;
  • Parent(s) or legal representative accompanying a minor during his/her visa application submission;
  • Persons accompanying a disabled applicant during his/her visa application submission;
  • Applicants requiring the services of an interpreter during his/her visa application submission;
  • Accredited travel agency representatives accompanying applicants from touristic groups during their biometric enrollment.

Supporting documents or proofs may be asked to persons accompanying visa applicants in order to justify their access inside the centre.

A third party can still submit visa application for applicants who do not need to provide new biometric data. Submissions by a third party will be done in the Visa Application Centre located at the ground floor. However, all visa applications submitted by a third party for a non-present applicant, must include:

The third party must show his original of this ID to the center’s welcoming staff prior to entry.

This authorization letter will not be mandatory for applicants whose visa application is submitted in the framework of touristic groups known as «ATA».