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Added Value Services

Our best selling services

Designed to enhance your visa application experience

Please note that our experienced staff can help you select the most suitable services for you at our centre.

Premium Lounge

Upgrade to experience the ultimate in convenience, comfort, and support for your application in a dedicated space with fewer queues.

Upgrading to our Premium Lounge gives you the space and comfort to submit your visa application in an exclusive and spacious environment without queues. You’ll enjoy privacy and a selection of complimentary refreshments while receiving one-to-one assistance and support from one of our experienced agents. With the added convenience of a flexible booking, and the opportunity to submit any missing documents later in the day, upgrade to Premium Lounge today to experience the ultimate in comfort and peace of mind.

This service includes:

  • Direct access to our premium lounge for the submission of your application;
  • Time flexibility, come at any time during your appointment date;
  • Free e-mail document printing service;
  • The possibility of sending additional documents until 7AM the next day;
  • A dedicated personnel will help you during your application submission;
  • A separate queueing system from regular applicants, therefore quickening the application submission at the visa application center;
  • A variety of magazines and newspapers, a collection of hot and cold drinks, free of charge;
  • Make copies of your application documents, free of charge;
  • Internet Access - WiFi.

In order to benefit from this service, please contact our staff at any time..

PRICE: IDR 695,000.
Express Courier Return

Avoid unnecessary travel, save time, and avoid the crowds by having your passport returned to you by courier.

If you’d prefer not to travel back to the Visa Application Centre to collect your passport when your application has been considered, choose Express Courier return for the ultimate in social distancing. As soon as your passport can be returned to you we’ll send it directly to the address of your choice* using a trusted and secure courier service, so you don’t need to travel to collect it.

*In certain locations this is limited to within the country in which you applied.

  • IDR 75,000.00: per passport (Jabodetabek);
  • IDR 110,000.00: per passport (Java, Sumatra and Bali);
  • IDR 225,000.00: per passport (for other areas).
Prime Time Weekend

Too busy to come to our centre during standard opening hours?

You have the possibility to submit your visa application on Saturday morning from 8:00 AM until noon.

To benefit from this service, please contact us.

PRICE: IDR 442,000
Travel Insurance

Haven’t thought about your travel insurance yet?
We have selected different insurance policies for you to choose from, adapted to your needs and compliant with Schengen regulations.

Click here to get a travel insurance.

Passport Photos

If you need ID photos, don’t worry – you can use the photo booth at our centre to get new ICAO compliant photographs when you come for your appointment.

You don’t need to take unnecessary health risks by visiting a shopping mall or public place to have passport photographs taken before attending your visa appointment. Our visa centres are equipped with self-service booths so that you can take the photos you need at the same time as submitting your paperwork. You can be sure of getting Schengen compliant photographs and submit your application in one trip!


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