NEWS: New Conditions of Access to the Visa Application Centre.
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New visa fee for Schengen visa applications

With the recent update of the Schengen Visa Code, an increase in visa fee will be effective starting from February 2, 2020.

    Schengen short stay visa fee: 80 Euro
    Schengen short stay visa fee (children aged 6 to 12): 40 Euro

Visa application fees for long stay visas and DROM/CTOM visas remain unchanged. The TLScontact service fee remain unchanged as well.

New Conditions of Access to the Visa Application Centre

Starting from October 14, 2019 only visa applicants are allowed to access the Visa Application Centre located on the 3rd floor of Menara Anugrah.

Please check on this page the conditions of access to the visa application center as well as the procedure if your presence is not mandatory during your visa application process and a 3rd party is representing you for the submission of your visa application.

Notice regarding document falsification

Considering the increasing amount of fake documents detected in application files, the French Embassy in Jakarta would like to inform all applicants that each application file containing fake documents will lead to a visa refusal and will be detrimental to any future Schengen visa applications.

Applicants are reminded that they are responsible of all documents that are submitted in their application file. Therefore, they must ensure the authenticity of each of the documents.

Launching of our Instagram page

We are proud the present to you our new official Instagram page @TLScontactindonesia.

Do not hesitate to follow our page to be updated on information regarding our Visa Application Centre, the French visa application process and our Added Value Services.

Travel Insurance

If you wish to purchase a valid Travel Insurance for your visa application, please visit the websites of our partners by going on this page.