New Conditions of Access to the Visa Application Center, please check here

Application process

Step 1 – Registration on France-Visas : https://france-visas.gouv.fr/en_US/web/id and application documents preparation

  • Create an account on France-Visas by providing your personal e-mail address and choosing your password.
  • Choosing the visa type and filling the France-Visas online form to obtain a personalized list of required documents depending on individual situations
  • View your document list
  • Print-out the France-Visas form and the receipt. These documents are mandatory and has to be brought during the visa application submission at the TLScontact Center.

Step 2 - Register on TLScontact website

Please register on the TLScontact Indonesia website. All you need is an email address and a few seconds to create a TLScontact account. 

Reminder : Double registrations in our system are strictly prohibited.

Step 3 - Personal Data Input

The system will prompt you to enter some personal information in order to correctly process your specific visa application. If you are a member of a group of people applying for a visa together, please indicate on your application the names of those accompanying you.

Step 4 - Online Appointment Booking

Choose a date and time at your convenience to submit your application at our center. Do not forget to print out your notification as it will be required at our welcome area.

Step 5 - Application Submission

Please note that your visa applications should be submitted in person to our Visa Application Center unless you are under an exemption case (see below).

Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment with the appointment notification receipt and the application’s required documents.

Important Notice:
Please beware that if you are late to your appointment, we might not be able to receive you on the day and would require you to take a new appointment.

In the case you did not show up on your appointment, please also note that you would be required to re-register a new account on our website to book a new appointment.

Personal appearance exemption conditions:

1) If your fingerprints and photograph were previously collected for the purpose of applying for a Schengen visa within the previous 59 months and a visa with the mention “VIS” has been granted or if your previous Schengen visa has been issued after the 1st January 2016, then a new fingerprints collection won’t be needed for your next visa application. 

If your fingerprints and photograph have not been previously collected, your personal appearance is mandatory. 

If your fingerprints and photograph have been previously collected and no Schengen visa has been granted, then your fingerprints and photograph must be collected once more. 

If your old Schengen visa sticker bears a note “VIS0”, a new set of fingerprints collection for the next visa application is needed. 

Should the previously collected fingerprints and photo prove to be of insufficient quality, the applicant will be informed by TLScontact and requested to submit new biometric data. 

Should the previously collected biometric data exceed 59 months, you will be obliged to present yourself once again in order to re-do the biometric fingerprints and photograph.

This rule does not apply to long stay visa applicants and applicants visiting the DROM-CTOM. Applicants have to go through the biometric data capture step for any new long stay visa and any new visa to visit the DROM-CTOM, even if they already submitted their fingerprints for a previous visa application. Therefore the applicant has to appear in person.

2) The finger scans are not required from children under the age of 12 their personal appearance is not mandatory

Step 6 - Application Processing

Once you have checked in with our welcome desk you will be directed to a counter where a TLScontact agent will verify the presence and compliance of all of your required documentation. You will be given a follow-up form indicating which documents have been submitted and which are missing, if any. If your application is in order, it will be sent to the Embassy for processing.

If some documents are missing, or they do not comply with Embassy’s requirements, you may submit them to the TLScontact center by 14:00 on the same day of your application or still choose to send your application to the Embassy for a decision. However, please note that by requesting to send a non-compliant application to the Embassy, you increase the risk of visa refusal and, if refused, we will not be able to refund your paid fees. You may also choose to take back your visa application fee and apply at a later date with a more complete application.

Step 7 - Pay the visa fee and service fee

Both the visa and service fee is to be paid at the cashiers in our center.

Step 8 - Passport Return

As soon as your visa application has been processed by the Embassy of France in Indonesia, you will be notified online on your personal account page and by SMS, informing you to come to the TLScontact center to pick up your passport. It is not necessary to contact our call center unless you are in need of further instructions.

Step 9 - Passport Retrieval

To retrieve your passport, proceed to the TLScontact center with:
1. Your original application checklist 
2. Your original ID
3. A photocopy of your ID

If you wish to designate a third party to pick up your passport, your representative should bring: 
1. Your original application checklist
2. A written authorization letter signed by you
3. A photocopy of your ID
4. The representative’s original ID
5. A photocopy of the representative’s ID 

Once your application process is complete, all of your records will be anonymized on our servers.

Cancellation of your visa application from the French Embassy

If you would like to cancel your visa application and retrieve your passport from the French Embassy, you may do so by bringing the documents below to our Passport Retrieval counter at our Ground Floor office in Menara Anugrah:

  1. Letter explaining the reason for the cancellation of your visa application and the retrieval of your passport, signed by you (original)
  2. Your TLScontact application checklist given to your during your visa application submission (copy)
  3. Optionally, supporting documents that can be used as reason for the withdrawal (example: plane tickets if you have an urgent flight, etc) (copy)

Be aware that your passport withdrawal request will be transferred to the French Embassy on the next working day, and that it is the responsibility of the French Embassy to process your request.

Once your withdrawal request has been processed by the French Embassy, your passport can be collected in our office after you have received an automated e-mail notification.