Documents and Visa Types

Please select the purpose of your trip to France using one of the following categories of visa.

Professional purpose

You wish to go to France for a business trip, work or other professional purpose.

Family, tourism, private or friend visit

You wish to go to France to visit a relative, a friend or for a private purpose, and your stay will not exceed 90 days.(N.B. If you are the parent, child or spouse of a French citizen, these visa types may not apply, please refer to the dedicated categories below.)

Family member of a French citizen or his/her spouse

You wish to go to France and one of your relatives is a French citizen. He/She is either your spouse, your direct ascendant or their spouse, or your child. (N.B. If you are over 21 years old, or financially independent from your French parents, you should apply for a normal Family visit visa.)

Relative or spouse of an EU, EEA or a Swiss Citizen

You wish to go to France and one of your relatives is a citizen of the European Union, the European Economic Area or has Swiss nationality.

Visa for Marriage

You wish to go to France to marry a French citizen.

Visa for study

You wish to go to France for study purpose.

Scientific research or visit to scientific researcher relative

This type of visa is for researchers and academics holder of a reception agreement who seek a Visa for a short or long term in order to do research or teach in organizations that have established this protocol. Your spouse and/or your child wishes to go to France to visit you and intend to stay with you.

Long stay family reunion under OFII procedure

You wish to go to France for more than 90 days to live with a relative who is neither a French citizen nor a French citizen’s spouse, and you will follow the OFII (ex-ANAEM) procedure. Even if some required documents have been already provided to obtain the OFII form, they must be provided again for your visa application.

Visa Transit

Your final destination is outside of the Schengen Area and you wish to transit through France or stay in a French airport in order to reach your final destination.

Visa Seaman

Attention: you should provide your seaman certificate authorized by a French precinct.

Service passports

You wish to go to France for official purpose.

Other cases

You apply for a re-entry visa because you wish to return to France, but your residence permit has expired.

You have a dual citizenship.