Covid-19: : New travel restrictions from January 31st, 2021. See below for more information

General information

COVID-19:TLScontact Visa Application Center, will ensure a minimum service during the lockdown.

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New travel restrictions from January 31st, 2021

From Sunday January 31, any entry into France and any exit from the territory to or from a country outside the European area is prohibited, except for compelling personal or family reasons, health emergency reasons or professional reasons that cannot be postponed. Entry into France, including for the European Union, is possible only under the presentation of a negative PCR test . Travel to French overseas territories is authorized only on compelling reasons.

For more information about the possible travel restriction please check the following communication on the French embassy website . Besides you will have to fill an international travel certificate and a sworn statement of absence of Covid-19 symptoms, both documents must be presented to the airline company as well as during arrival checks. They can be downloaded on this page .

Additionally the following rules are still enforced:

Except for the visa applicants mentioned below, Indonesian residents are still not authorized to enter the Schengen area. In consequence, the TLScontact center will only be open once every week as long as the volume of visa application does not justify a complete and regular opening of the center.

Until further notice only the categories of applicants mentioned in the international travel certificates (to be downloaded from this page ) are authorized to travel and submit a visa application.

Other type of visa applications such as tourism, private visit can’t be submitted until further notice from the French embassy.

Applicants must be informed that the Visa issuance does not guarantee the immediate possibility to enter the territory which remains attached to the borders applicable restrictions and the access to air travel. They will also need to ensure with local authorities the return condition to their country of residence.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the visa department of the French Embassy remains closed to the public until further notice. However, he remains reachable at: for any particular situation or question whose answer would not appear on the TLScontact website or on France Visas.

Please note that our opening hours are modified. Check our Address & Opening Hours page for more information.

For Applicant and TLScontact Employee Safety, we are applying strict sanitary measures:

- A temperature control will be done at the Center Entrance. Applicant with a temperature above 37.5 ° C. won’t be authorized to access TLScontact Center

- Wearing a mask is mandatory

- We strictly apply social distancing guidelines within TLScontact center

Thank you for your understanding.

Covid-19 : TLScontact Visa Application Center, will ensure a minimum service during the lockdown.

We remain reachable on our contact form.

Alternatively the visa section of the French embassy can be contacted here : for any particular situation or question whose answer would not appear on the TLScontact website or on France Visas.

See below for more information

Situation of foreign nationals currently in France beyond their authorized length of stay

Regarding foreign nationals whose habitual residence in France, whether present in France or abroad, the period of validity of the following documents, which would expire from March 16, 2020, is extended up to three months:

long-stay visas;

residence permits, whatever their nature, excepted special residence permits issued to foreign diplomatic and consular staff;

temporary residence permits;

asylum application certificates;

receipts for residence permit applications;

Foreign nationals currently in France with a short-stay visa are invited to contact the competent prefecture, which may decide case-by-case on the situation of the said national.

New visa fee for Schengen visa applications

With the recent update of the Schengen Visa Code, an increase in visa fee will be effective starting from February 2, 2020.

    Schengen short stay visa fee: 80 Euro
    Schengen short stay visa fee (children aged 6 to 12): 40 Euro

Visa application fees for long stay visas and DROM/CTOM visas remain unchanged. The TLScontact service fee remain unchanged as well.

New Conditions of Access to the Visa Application Centre

Starting from October 14, 2019 only visa applicants are allowed to access the Visa Application Centre located on the 3rd floor of Menara Anugrah.

Please check on this page the conditions of access to the visa application center as well as the procedure if your presence is not mandatory during your visa application process and a 3rd party is representing you for the submission of your visa application.

Notice regarding document falsification

Considering the increasing amount of fake documents detected in application files, the French Embassy in Jakarta would like to inform all applicants that each application file containing fake documents will lead to a visa refusal and will be detrimental to any future Schengen visa applications.

Applicants are reminded that they are responsible of all documents that are submitted in their application file. Therefore, they must ensure the authenticity of each of the documents.

Launching of our Instagram page

We are proud the present to you our new official Instagram page @TLScontactindonesia.

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