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Mobile Biometry On Demand

The Mobile Biometry on Demand Services is dedicated to Travel Group Application.

We can come to a location of your choice to process your Group Biometry Collection.

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Mobile Biometry on Demand

Mobile Biometry service will offer clients a great and/or more convenient process to apply for their visa.

If you are organizing travel for a Travel group, Incentive Group, and if your clients simply live a long way from our visa application centre, we can simplify the visa application process by collecting Biometric Data bringing at a preferred location. Please note document submission should be done at TLScontact Center prior Mobile Biometry Collection mission.

Easy process

Our specialist agents can travel to the location of your choice and assist you with your Group Application for biometric enrolment.

Ultimate convenience

Our ‘Mobile biometry’ service helps you client to avoid unnecessary travel and save valuable time.

Personalized quote

Submit a request for our ‘Mobile Biometry’ service via your local TLScontact website. Our team will contact you to discuss your preferred application date, time and location, and provide you with a quote based on your specific requirements.

Mobile Biometry Package Price: 174,044 THB

  • for a Group of 20 applicants: 8,702 THB / Applicant
  • for a Group of 30 applicants: 5,788 THB / Applicant
  • for a Group of 60 applicants: 2,913 THB / Applicant
  • for a Group of 100 applicants: 1,740 THB / Applicant
  • for a Group of 150 applicants: 1,172 THB / Applicant



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